On the Air

The good news: I’ve agreed to become a DJ for Prague’s Radio 1, and they’ve given me total creative control, which is really cool.

The not-so-good news: It’s every other Saturday morning from 6 to 9 am.

It reminds me of a joke I once heard about a boy – probably the biggest optimist in the world – who really wanted a horse for Christmas. One Christmas, he opens a big box, only to find it’s full of horse manure, to which he says:

“Aha! I know there’s a horse around here somewhere!”

In my own case, the unfortunate timing can maybe be made up for by thinking that it’s really a prime-time Friday night slot on the West Coast, and that Radio 1 has a pretty good web stream :-))))

I start Saturday, October 22.

4 thoughts on “On the Air

  1. Congrats mate, will check your playlist when I will be coming home from friday night fever. ;o)

    Good luck. Pavel

  2. Nice! This is some cool news. You know what’s funny though? I was going through some of my old tees, and fly collectibles, the other night; and what do you think I found in a nice plastic bag? (Nope, not that)

    It was a fresh, unworn ‘Radio 1 – Praha 91.9fm’ t-shirt. That’s some cool shit mang.

    So lay it down, and I’ll represent here in Cali.


  3. Doug, will you come on LTJ Bukem?
    He will be in Veletrzni Palac this friday and he will be there with MC Conrad.


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