There’ll be no Radio 1 show this week, as I’ll be pre-empted tomorrow night to make way for a live concert. Then on Saturday I fly out to Johannesburg for both a conference on South African community media and then with the implementors of our LiveSupport software for radio stations.

In that project, a group of e-riders called Ungana-Afrika will be implementing LiveSupport in community radio stations in Mpumalanga Province (north of Johannesburg). LiveSupport lead developer Akos Maroy and I will be working with Ungana’s e-riders, as well as with others looking to implement LiveSupport, including a project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Toni Eliasz of Ungana-Afrika gave a presentation today at the World Summit on Information Society that apparently was pretty well-received. Here’s more about Toni’s presentation, as well as on what an e-rider is (they’re sort of like IT consultants for NGOs, but instead of charging exorbitant amounts, they actually get things done).

As is usual with these trips, although I’m one of the people who’s expected to be training, I’m expecting to learn more from the people I’m working with.