XSPF in the house

I’ve been a fan of Lucas Gonze’s work with WebJay for quite some time. I think it’s wonderful that Webjay has been bought by Yahoo, and that he’s joining the Yahoo team, which already includes the Most Excellent Jeffrey P. and Carole McManusovi.

Gonze is the main guy behind a service called WebJay, which lets users share playlists of their sound files.

WebJay runs on top of an XML file format called XSPF, which stands for XML Shareable Playlist Format.

Our LiveSupport project uses the more complicated SMIL format to describe its playlists. But over at the LiveSupport development site, I’ve mentioned exporting to XSPF as one of the items I’d like to see in an upcoming version (see Use Case 5: Playlist Export and Use Case 6: Playlist Import, and Feature Request #1559).

I found out today via Lucas Gonze’s weblog that a PEAR module now exists to convert XSPF to SMIL and M3U. Which may mean it would be easier to go backward from our SMIL playlists into XSPF, thereby making this a lot more interesting for everyone.

XSPF is important for many reasons, but especially now that Yahoo has just acquired Webjay, we can expect to see Yahoo’s weight and smarts behind XSPF.

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