Set List, 21 January 2006

The show today was a more chilled-out affair than I’d planned, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

One of the pleasant surprises was a recommendation from Jeffrey McManus to get some of Seu Jorge’s Bowie covers from the soundtrack of the movie The Life Aquatic. I missed the movie, so I didn’t know he was in it. But I have a lot of other Seu Jorge stuff and I’ll have to get to that in the next show, in two weeks time.

Aside from Seu Jorge’s Bowie covers, the discovery of the week for me has to be Alice Russell’s new CD, “My Favourite Letters.” 

Anyway, for those of you keeping score at home, here is today’s playlist:

Towa Tei, “Technova”
Sven van Hees, “Flute Salad”
Blue Six, “Sweeter Love”
Osunlade feat. Marie St. James, “Closer I Get”
Snooze, “Doremifa Girl”
Towa Tei, “Free (Richard Earnsworth remix)”
Kaori, “Good Life”
Louie Vega “Like a sunset, my memory (Jask’s Thaisoul remix)”
Zuco 103, “Treasure”
Seu Jorge, “Starman”
Cibelle, “Deixa”
Clara Nunes, “A Deusa Dos Orixas”
Musik Ye Afrika, “Zuva”
Busi Mhlongo, “Zithin’izizwe (What are people saying about us?)”
Talking Heads, “This Must Be The Place (Naïve Melody)”
Seu Jorge, “Five Years”
Alice Russell, “To Know This”
Massive Attack, “Be Thankful For What You’ve Got”
Danielsongs, “I could save I could hold you tight”
Bugge Wesseltoft, “G.U.B.N.U.F.”
Alice Russell, “Humankind”
Miles Davis, “The Doo Bop Song”
Marvin Gaye, “Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)”
Stan Gets and Luis Bonfa, “Menina Flor”
Claudia, “Deixa en dixer”
Terri Hendrix, “Lluvia de estrellas”
Clara Nunes, “Ijexa (Filhos de Gandhy)”
Funkestra, “Un Bom Motivo”
Marcos Valle, “Besteiras do Amor (Jazzanova remix)”
The Streets, “Wouldn’t Have it Any Other Way”
Balanco, “Metti Una Sera a Cena (Jazzanova remix)”

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