Minus 15

Man, I just looked outside, and the thermometer is showing minus 15 Celsius on my balcony. It’s probably a couple of degrees colder on the streets. And there was a pretty good breeze going, which is always great.

I saw a kid on the tram today who had frozen drool on his scarf. It’s that cold.

4 thoughts on “Minus 15

  1. Doug, apparently there is some sort of Arctic air mass stalled over Europe. It’s why Canada is enjoying an unusually warm January. Ha ha ha!!!

  2. You had to expect that these comments would be pretty brutal, but warm spirited, nontheless. Oh-ww! I will only add that SoCal is not showing many signs of winter. In fact, I had on a pair of shorts and flip-flops yesterday- evening!

    Well, gotta go! Waves are breakin’

  3. Hi Douglas,
    I’ve just bumped into your mentioning Michael Andersen, Danish journalist who some years ago was living and working here in Ukraine (that is my home country). We unfortunately lost contact after he left Lvyv/Kiev; would you please help me with his current e-mail? Thanks a lot (and I hope it’s a bit warmer in Prague today – first day of spring after all ;-))

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