Last week I was at dinner with a friend who said “you don’t update your blog anymore, and I feel stupid for going back to check it.”

I’m all apologies for that, as if apologies somehow help. I just hit a dry spot, then thought, “well, the next post I have will have to knock it out of the park! in order to make up for the gap. And then the gap grew, and the pressure to knock it out of the park! kept growing too. A circle of the damned grew and grew. And the silences grew longer and longer.

I should know better. After graduating from college, I stopped doing one of the things I loved in this world the most – making books. I stopped for many reasons – a broken heart, a move to Prague, a lack of workspace, equipment and time – but the main reason was that after the time away, I felt like the next thing absolutely had to kill.
As usual in situations like this, advice from the good Reverend Tony Pierce’s advice was crucial. Basically, the trick is to get back on the horse, regardless of what people will say (or not say).

Regardless, one piece of advice I’d have for any blog-reader is to make good use of an RSS aggregator. Personally, I use Bloglines and love it. I’m subscribed to something like 30 blogs and another 20 news sites, and what’s nice is that they only show up if there’s something new posted, saving me the time and effort of going to the sites and feeling stupid when they’re not updated.

So here’s to getting back to it.

Oh, and speaking of long-ass delays, did I mention that Guns ‘n’ Roses are playing Sazka Arena June 13th? Could this mean that we’ll see Chinese Democracy sometime soon, or is it the next Smile?