Set List, 17 March 2006

Last night I got to sit in for the traveling Tim Otis on his “High Fidelity” show on Radio 1. Playing Friday nights is so rewarding, and so much fun. The audience is positive and vocal, and it really raises your game.

I picked up a lot of new stuff, most notably the Roy Ayers “Virgin Ubiquity Remixed” double CD on BBE Records, a couple more Spiritual South remixes (they’re my favorite remixers of the moment) and the Atlantic Records “Atlantiquity” remix project. Great stuff. Anyway, here’s the set list from last night:

2 thoughts on “Set List, 17 March 2006

  1. Thanks, man! Yeah, those Friday night shows are great. I’m glad I had the time to sit down and search for all the sound samples for the blog post, too. I’m actually surprised at how many music stores and sites have samples available these days.

    But yeah, you _really_ have to be checking out the Spiritual South. Their stuff is the bomba!

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