Back from a relaxing week in the ski town of Harrachov. Quite nice out there, with lots of snow and sunny weather.

I’ve been to Harrachov quite a few times in the past, and was always underwhelmed, but this time around was a pleasant improvement. The funnest thing was riding the bobsled track there; it’s a year-round track on wheels, but is more like a roller coaster than anything. It seriously reminded me of my days as a kid haunting the waterslides in Southern California.
The other excellent thing was checking out the Novosad microbrewery, which is built into a glass factory; you can swig some excellent microbrew while watching people on the factory floor make all kinds of different glasses, vases and whatnot.

Anyway, now that I’m back, it seems all heck is about to break loose. We’ve got the first case of bird flu reported in Hluboka, in southern Bohemia, plus flooding on the way; it’s something like 18 degrees and sunny right now in Kafkaville. The rather large snowpack up in the mountains is likely to come right down.

2 thoughts on “Harrachov

  1. Dude, you cannot begin to fathom the level of coolness this thing had. It could only exist in a country with universal health care and an absence of liability lawyers.

    The sleds themselves run on wheels that look like rollerblade wheels, so you can ride on it year-round. We rode it in freezing rain, and the brakes worked fine. Getting up in the superelevations was excellent!

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