Flood Watch IX: Situation in Prague stabilizes

This post relies on the constantly-updated flood news page at ActualnÄ›.cz. They have time stamps for each post, which is what you see in parentheses here.

Some relatively good news this evening regarding the situation in Prague: The flood crisis staff has decided to stay at Stage 2 overnight after reviewing the weather forecast. Flood defenses along Smetanovo nábÅ™eži won’t be put into place, and the Vltava is flowing at 1320 cubic meters per second at last count. (19:00)

Animals at the lower part of the zoo won’t be evacuated tonight either, because water managers on the Vltava will be able to keep its level below Stage 3. (18:40) The water managers’ goal is to allow as much water as possible from Southern Bohemia to pass through Prague without threatening it. The level at Velká Chuchle is expected to pass 1,500 meters per second – which would put the Vltava in Prague at Stage 3 – sometime tonight. (18:25)
A Spolana spokesman said that the company is losing CZK 3.5 million for every lost production day. (19:29)

Elsewhere, however, rivers are still rising, and along the Dyje in southern Moravia, they’re saying this is a 200-year event, and as bad as the 2002 floods. Znojmo is now at Stage 3, with its flood crisis staff meeting now.

One thought on “Flood Watch IX: Situation in Prague stabilizes

  1. Please if possible in such short time to keep apprised- before sunrise Friday 30 March- how goes waters and flood stages for city of Prague? Leaving Salzburg tomorrow- should I get waders? Is city moving to higher ground?
    Best thoughts for drier weather,

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