Flood Watch V: 45 places where rivers threaten to overtop their banks

Sorry about the gap in posting. I’m having problems with my cable internet connection at home unrelated to the flood.

ÄŒTK is reporting that there are now 45 places in the Czech Republic where rivers are threatening to overtop their banks. Most are situated on the Vltava and in Moravia.

Waters are still rising in many places around the country.
In Znojmo, the Dyje has tripled from its normal level, rising 25cm overnight. Mayor Petr Čálek of Podradí near Znojmo said that if the river rises another half meter, it will have reached 2002 levels.

In its online reporting on the flood, the following items were posted:

– Prague Zoo officials have decided against total evacuation of all animals on the lower level, but will evacuate two pavillions in the lowest-lying areas.

– The Labe at Ústí nad Labem is at 667 cm and still rising. Measures to protect Ústi’s Setuza plant and Lovošíce’s Lovochemie facility are underway. At HÅ™ensko on the German border, Vietnamese traders have closed their stalls and hotel visitors are leaving the area.

– In Prague, about 100 houses have had to be evacuated so far.

– The culmination of high water should occur Thursday morning on the Sázava and Berounka rivers, and then on the Vltava.

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