Flood Watch X: Situation stabilizes in some areas, worsens in others

This post refers extensively to the ongoing coverage at AktualnÄ›.cz. The time in parentheses refers to the time of the AktualnÄ›.cz post.

The news today is mixed on the flood front; while river levels in southern Bohemia (with the exception of the Lužnice river) have stabilized and even declined in some areas, it has gotten worse in southern Moravia, where Znojmo and areas along the Dyje and Morava rivers are getting hard-hit. This is a combination of the 1997 and 2002 floods in one event, this analysis says.
10,000 Znojmo residents have had to be evacuated overnight as the Vránov dam and reservoir are now full and water is coming over its emergency chute. Some reports from upstream on the Dyje in Austria show that the river level is stabilizing or even falling in some places (14:10). Znojmo is still waiting for culmination, which should come sometime this afternoon. 78 locations in the country now face flooding.
Downstream from Prague, Ústí nad Labem’s transportation has been snarled by the floodwaters, with the main road to Prague closed (12:31). The Labe is supposed to culminate Friday evening at around 8.5 meters. Its normal level is around two meters (13:56).

Somewhat better news comes from some of the ‘high-dollar sites’ (my Dad’s term). The central wastewater treatment facility in Prague reports that it is prepared for a flood with room to spare (13:15). Upstream, several treatment facilities have had to be shut down, but hygienists say this should not affect water quality.

Chemical facilities such as Spolana say they’re prepared for floodwaters, with Spolana completely shutting down its facility in Neratovice. Spolchemie is preparing to shut down due to electricity cuts. Setuza in Ústí nad Labem says they’re still in operation, including their wastewater treatment plant, but are prepared to shut down if necessary. (13:13)
This map from the Czech Agriculture Ministry shows quite a few red dots, signifying Stage 3, the highest state of flood alert.

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