Part of Olomouc was flooded Saturday night when a levee broke in Horka nad Moravou. The levee has been partially repaired, but water is still flowing.

There are about 820 residents of the flooded area, but most refused evacuation orders.

The Chomoutov and Černovír districts were the most affected, with water flowing in the streets.

In Prague, water managers have been able to keep the Vltava just under 1,500 cubic meters per second, AktualnÄ›.cz reported. 1500 m3/s is the border for a Stage 3 flood alert. (9:58)

River levels in mountain areas should decline in coming days. Levels on other rivers should fall or remain without changes. Moderate declines on the Labe and middle and lower Morava will continue. The Lužnice will remain at the same level, and may possibly rise during nights on the lower stretches, the Environment Ministry reported (23:56).

Last night I drove across the Vltava downtown, and it looked like the Vltava had a long way to go (at least a couple of meters) before it would reach the bottom of the  temporary aluminum flood walls.