Flood Watch XV: Situation could worsen Wednesday and Thursday

ÄŒTK is reporting that the flood situation could worsen on Wednesday and Thursday due to predicted warming in mountain areas.

This would worsen the flood situation, Interior Minister FrantiÅ¡ek Bublan said after today’s meeting of the Central Crisis Group.
While today and Tuesday the forecast is for cloud cover and snow showers in the mountains, this should turn to rain by Wednesday, which would influence thaws in the Beskydy and Jeseniky mountains, according to Ivan Obrusník, the director of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.

The Institute will provide more accurate information on Tuesday. According to findings so far, temperatures in Moravia should be above zero degrees on Wednesday, while in Bohemia temperatures would be around freezing. Possible further rains accompanied by warming could raise the levels of both the Vltava and Labe rivers, which would complicate an already tense situation in Ústí nad Labe and could again affect Prague.
In the event the water rises, a mild threat for Prague could occur that would mean stopping the metro, for example,” the interior minister said today.
Levels of Czech and Moravian rivers except for the lower Labe and Dyje are now falling or stagnating. High water of the Labe in Ústí nad Labem should occur tonight around midnight. Drainage of flooded areas will be slow.
Up-to-date information can be found at the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute’s web page at http://www.chmu.cz.
Three border crossings, at  HÅ™ensko, Hevlína a Lanžhota are flooded. Several police buildings are underwater as well, with a total of 10 affected countrywide. Police President Vladislav Husák, at a press conference after the Crisis Group’s meeting confirmed that police are guarding evacuated persons’ property. There has been only one case of illegal activity related to the flood, an attempt to dismantle an anti-flood barrier in Prague.  The perpetrator was arrested.

5 thoughts on “Flood Watch XV: Situation could worsen Wednesday and Thursday

  1. Great reporting. Well written. I’m watching because we have reservations for a hotel on Kampa Island…and they keep telling me “just don’t worry dear, there’s no danger of flooding here”..sm

  2. Thanks, Sandy. At this point, I’d tend to agree with what they’re saying. Barring a downpour in the next few days, I’d say Prague is past the worst; it’s southern Moravia, especially cities along the Dyje and Morava rivers such as Olomouc and Znojmo that have borne the brunt of this flood.

  3. Any flooding news about Cesky Krumlov or Telc? We’ll be staying both towns at the end of the month and getting news specific to them has been hard to come by. Thanks and BTW: thanks for the various tips found on your site.

  4. A former Co-Editor of the Daily Nexus Arts Section has just arrived in Prague – from London, Amsterdam and Miami! She is a student of art and design, I think. Anyway, she has a blog, with lots of photos, including of Prague already. Her name is Jenne Raub, is from the Bay Area and her URL is: http://wehavethemostfun.blogspot.com/ I can’t leave her a message about you because I don’t have a blog!

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