My Dad, the Flood Fighter

I mentioned in a previous post that when the Czech Republic was going through its flooding in the last couple of weeks, I’d been in touch with my Dad, who I consider to be one of the premier experts on floodfighting in the world – and not just because he’s my Dad.

He’s currently in California’s Central Valley, where rivers are threatening to overflow their banks, with his invention, the Rapid Deployment Flood Wall. It’s been very cool to see local coverage of his work as well by local television stations. Here are two of the stories.

Crews Work to Neutralize Boils on San Joaquin River Levee

SF Man’s Invention Makes Levee Repair Faster and Easier (navigate to the ‘Top Stories’ menu on the right hand side)

I’m really proud of him.

3 thoughts on “My Dad, the Flood Fighter

  1. That’s great, Doug. Not sure I understand how it works, but it looks simple to install and solve the problem. Pity they didn’t mention his name in the news bit (CBS)!

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