Who will form the next Czech government?

Czech Prime Minister Paroubek’s comments at his press conference point out a fundamental truth; there seems to be some difference between the exit polls and the actual vote. In short, it may turn out that the Social Democrats and the Communists together will have 101 votes – a one-vote majority – in parliament.

Aktualne.cz writes that the next government may be either a caretaker government or a leftist one. The caretaker government may occur if there is a 100:100 stalemate in the parliament; ODS would support this caretaker government until new elections could be held.

3 thoughts on “Who will form the next Czech government?

  1. However, iDNES, CT24 and CTK all say that 100:100 is probable. We will see during the night.
    One thing is interesting: basic math say Civic Democrats + Christian Democrats + Green should have a confident majority. But at best the distribution of mandates will be 100:100. Why? Because in 2000, prime minister Zeman and Klaus changed the system of mandate distribution of non-parliamentary parties among parliamentary ones to suit the bigger parties. Which now means the Greens and Christian Democrats could lose 1 or 2 mandates because of that system. Klaus must be very unhappy about what he´s brought upon this country :-).
    Anyway, Paroubek´s announcement is a show of total incompetence. This egomaniac has most probably gone crazy once and for all. The only possible solutions is in a coalition involving all democratic parties but it will certainly not be possible with Paroubek leading the left…

  2. Oh, and one more thing. This tight result is all thanks to the SNK-ED (Independent Union – European Democrats). They got 2% of votes that would have certainly gone to the Civic Democrats. Bravo, Mr. Kasl. The European elections was the last time I voted for you…

  3. That’s interesting, Loubouch – I wondered why the distribution was so odd.

    The Greens must be particularly fed up to have won just over 6% and to have only 6 out of 200 seats, while the Christian Democrats, with just one percent more, have 13 seats.

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