Paroubek proposes opposition for ÄŒSSD, recognizes ODS win

The day’s news started out odd and seems to be getting odder. After counting all parliamentary mandates total deadlock has emerged, in both leftist and rightist coalitions have 100 votes each of 200.
Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the offices of any of the political party leaders… Then again, after the revelations of wiretap abuses in the National Security Authority earlier this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are several flies on the wall already. Here’s my translation of this article from tonight’s
ÄŒSSD Chairman Paroubek recommended that his party go into opposition. His proposal, presented in a debate of party leaders on Czech TV, was presented at an afternoon meeting of his party’s political leadership. But even after it, it isn’t clear what the party will do. ODS leader Topolánek said on television that he wants to meet with the Social Democrats about the [next] government.
“I will fully push for this (exit into opposition) with my modest powers,” the prime minister announced on the program ‘Václav Moravec’s Questions’.
How the party accepted Paroubek’s proposal wasn’t clear even after the afternoon meeting of the party’s political leadership and regional chiefs. Paroubek only said that participants accepted his analysis of the current situation and the proposed ways out.
“We are aware that Mssrs. Topolánek, Karousek and Bursík are meeting about a new government. If a center-right government emerges, we will go into opposition. That possibility is here,” the ÄŒSSD chief said.
After the debate on Czech TV, he did not rule out even the possibility of forming a government under Social Democratic leadership. “It’s now Mr. Topolánek’s turn to try. So let him show what he knows,” he said.
Victory belongs to ODS, the Prime Minister admitted
He added that the fact that ODS was the elections’ winner was undoubtable. The question according to him is whether it happened in a clean fight. “I recognize ODS’ victory. I only have a problem with congratulating them on this victory because the election campaign was conducted unfairly in its last week,” Paroubek explained.
He also confirmed that the party is continuing to consider the possibility of filing a complaint about the elections to the Supreme Court. That certainly won’t be immediate. “Last week I filed criminal charges against Topolánek and Mr. Kubic. We would file a complaint if it is confirmed that a criminal act took place,” Jiří Paroubek said.
Paroubek added that an election complaint can be filed as late as six months after teh fact, and not only within ten days, as was heard on Saturday. According to the Josef Baxa, the chairman of the Supreme Legal Court, this is not true.
“By law the Social Democrats must wait until the official announcement of election results, which is expected on Tuesday. Then they have 10 days to file charges. The Supreme Legal Court then must decide within 20 days,” Baxa explained to ÄŒTK.Topolánek: We will also meet with ÄŒSSD
Even before the debate, the prime minister said it is not up to him to find a solution to a disputed situation. “According to Mr. President [Klaus], that will have to be found by someone else who can show his abilities,” he said.
Mirek Topolánek announced that he takes his task of forming a new government very seriously. If I am not successful, I will resign as chairman of the party,” he promised. “We will urge the meeting team, I will discuss this with the President, and I will not rule out even the Social Democrats. The main thing is that we we solve the situation,” he said.

Presidential spokesman Ladislav Jakl said that Václav Klaus will not entrust Topolánek with forming a goverment. He will only start post-election meetings and further steps will start to get clearer,” Jakl said on a discussion on TV Prima.

ODS Deputy Chairman Petr Nečas on Monday on ÄŒRo1-Radiožurnál announced that if ÄŒSSD as a whole stands behind Paroubek’s casting of doubt on the elections, a grand coalition, for example, is essentially ruled out.

Bursík: Opposition is necessary
Leaders of parliamentary parties again rejected the Communists’ proposal for a government of national unity in which all parliamentary parties would be represented.
“For every nation it is good to have an opposition. It is important because of checks on the government. This especially for the Czech Republic, where there is a high amount of clientelism and corruption. A government of national unity would be a government where franchises are divided, and that is for us unthinkable, explained Green Party Chairman Martin Bursík.

Representatives of ODS, KDU-ÄŒSL and the Greens have previously said that any cooperation with the communists will not be considered.

Paroubek: Topolánek should meet with KSČM as well
According to Jiří Paroubek, Mirek Topolánek as the erstwhile winner of the elections, should debate with all, meaning with the Communists as well. “Our policy isn’t founded on cheap anti-Communism, but on principles of freedom and democracy, so we will of course not meet with the Communists,” the ODS leader said.
“At this time I can’t imagine it. Not even for a single moment,” the prime minister said when asked the question of whether ÄŒSSD would support Topolánek’s government. He added that it depends on which program announcements the Civic Democrats would come with.
Kalousek: Svoboda wanted to apologize for his own lack of success
KDU-ÄŒSL Chairman Miroslav Kalousek refused to answer the question of whether he would step down due to a lack of success in the elections. On Saturday he was called on to do so indirectly by Deputy Chairman Cyril Svoboda.

“It is now our responsibility to meet on the future of the Czech Republic. Nobody can expect us to resolve internal party questions,” Kalousek said. He marked Cyril Svoboda’s comments as amusing. “The foreign minister failed to make five percent in Prague. I understand that he would need to apologize somehow,” Kalousek said.

KSÄŒM leader VojtÄ›ch Filip said he offered his post to the party’s central committee, but it refused his resignation.
Leaders refused to draw MPs over
All leaders agreed that they were convinced of their parliamentary clubs’ unity. They ruled out MPs’ crossing over to other political parties as a possible solution to the deadlocked situation.
“I can guarantee that the club I have in the Parliament is a solid team, Martin Bursík announced. “I don’t doubt that ODS will try it, but I don’t expect that the entire club would act un-self-preserving, Jiří Paroubek opined.

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