In Amsterdam

Even though I’m far from over my jet lag, I’m in beautiful Amsterdam this week for meetings related to our LiveSupport software for radio stations.
“What is LiveSupport?” you may ask. Well, it’s software that my colleagues and I have created that lets you create an entire radio station from within your PC. All you need is a transmitter (or a streaming server) and maybe a mixing board and microphone. And it’s free and open source. Check it out at

The other thing I’ll be doing here is taking part in the ‘Expression Under Repression’ conference on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to meeting many of the other participants, including Hossein Derakshan, otherwise known as Hoder, the groundbreaking blogger from Iran. I’ve admired him for quite some time, and hope the event isn’t too packed that I can’t say hello to him.

Connectivity permitting, I’ll also try to keep my eye on efforts to form the next Czech government. Looks like this one will be down to the wire, but reading MF Dnes on the plane this morning, I had the impression that despite Paroubek’s weird outburst, he’ll probably cut a deal with ODS, allowing them to form the next government. But you never know…

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