My poor, neglected blog. I really haven’t intended for it to be so long between posts. It’s getting to be quite the tradition around here to apologize about the gap between posts.
As a matter of fact, almost how an amputee has ‘phantom limb’ syndrome, in which they still feel their missing limb, I think I’ve had ‘phantom blog’ syndrome. I thought I posted entries about various things, but haven’t, about such topics as:

  • The ego-fueled standoff blocking the formation of a new Czech government
  • The hot, hot weather
  • The joy of cottage living, especially when one has wifi
  • An appreciation of Sorry magazine, especially Jiří Gambrinus Havlíček

Instead, I haven’t posted about any of those topics. The typical excuses, work, having a life, blah blah blah, all come into play.

Work, however, has been interesting. Developers are now gathering for our annual SummerCAMP conference, in which we bring together users, developers and implementers from around the world for a few days of geeking out and plotting our course. The event formally starts tomorrow (27 July) and goes until the weekend.

I’ve also found out that I’ll be speaking at the O’Reilly Euro OSCON (Open Source Convention) in Brussels in mid-September, which is extremely cool. I’ll be talking about the Campware method and the various projects we’ve worked on in various and sundry parts of the world.

I’m making plans for a trip to West Africa later this month, in which I’ll be headed to Sierra Leone to implement an early version of our LiveSupport software and to Dakar to hold trainings. (See, there’s a reason it’s called 1.1.0 “Freetown”). Of course, in addition to looking forward to what promises to be a challenging-but-rewarding experience work-wise, I’m looking forward to going music shopping as well.