I’m happy to report success on a number of fronts today. My colleagues, the Sierra e-Riders, have successfully installed Ubuntu on a number of different machines, and they’re now moving around the command line pretty well.

But the big news for me is this: As of 6 pm today, we have successfully completed builds of LiveSupport’s development environment on the computers here. To celebrate, we started up LiveSupport, and, using a tiny USB FM transmitter, are now broadcasting on 87.7 FM in the immediate neighborhood of Victoria Street, Freetown!

Now that the e-riders have the software installed and running, the next step is to try to practice their broadcasting, as our upcoming task will be to install the entire package at community radio stations, starting in Freetown and then moving outward to more remote locations.

I visited two community stations today, Radio Mount Aureol, located on the Fourah Bay University campus in the steep hills overlooking Freetown, and Radio Citizen, located in the east of the city. Pics to come…

One thought on “Success!

  1. why bitches gotsta be hatin’ on corel linux? . . . all actin’ like you too *good* for hundreds of thousands of pieces of clipart and tens of thousands of fonts. . .

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