The muscles from Brussels – not!

I’m headed to Brussels tomorrow to take part in the Euro Foo Camp event, which should be a blast. It’s my first time at such an event, so I really don’t know what to expect, but am ready for almost anything. I understand that at one of these Foo Camp events in California they took apart a Toyota Prius just to see how it worked. That’s pretty cool stuff.

After Foo Camp, I’ll be attending and presenting at O’Reilly’s European Open Source Conference (Euro OSCON). My talk is titled “The Campware Initiative: Free Software for Free Media in Developing Countries.” I get to talk about all the interesting work my team has been doing in not only promoting existing open source software all over the globe, but in creating applications and communities where none existed before

Plus I get to demo LiveSupport 1.1 “Freetown,” which should be at least interesting because my old and increasingly cranky VAIO notebook is giving me fits these days.

Many thanks to Jeffrey McManus for putting me in touch with the O’Reilly folks. And speaking of Jeffrey, you should definitely go and check out the work he’s been doing with, his new startup. Approver is a web service that takes care of something that gives most organizations and workgroups fits, namely that they have a hard time keeping track of who’s approved which version of a document. Approver is easy-to-use, well-thought-out, and quite powerful. I’m telling all my friends and colleagues about it. (Disclosure: Jeff’s a good friend from Back in the Day and I’ve been helping him beta test Approver, as well as giving him suggestions on how to improve various aspects of it.)

Aside from EuroOSCON and Foo Camp, Campware is definitely raising its profile these days. My colleague and Campware’s leader, Sava Tatić, was interviewed on this week’s LUGRadio show, which was very cool indeed. Download the show now.

Partially it’s the nature of geeks to want to keep a low profile until one comes up with something really, really good. And it’s partially for this reason that Campware has had a relatively low profile among the Free Software community. (It’s also partially because for some of the projects we work on, keeping a low profile is sometimes better due to political considerations). But we think we’ve got some pretty good stuff these days, and we definitely need to work on our outreach to the free/libre/open source community.

I’ll be in Brussels all next week, which will mean no Radio 1 show next Saturday 😦 But I am working on a new mix, and will drop that on an unsuspecting world when the time is right.

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