On the air, Saturday 30 September 2006

I’ll be playing this Saturday morning on Radio 1 from 6-9 am. I’ve got some pretty cool new stuff, and because I’m in the midst of a new mix CD I’ve been knee deep in the library, so there should be some good stuff from the crates as well.

Once again, the stream is available at http://www.radio1.cz and scroll down to ‘R1 Live’ on the left column.

2 thoughts on “On the air, Saturday 30 September 2006

  1. Hi everybody!!!I should say that Saturday mornings with Douglas on RAdio 1 really good and full of energy!!!His sets always chears me up as a swimming 45minuts in swimming pool of heated water or..after produce some a special chemic in my brain or, I dont know, like I`m back in Brazil or like Im back in the Czech Republic enjoying some cool party up there….
    I just want to say thnx for that and keep going Douglas.Even, 6-9am in Czech means 2-5pm in Australia, I cannot image that half of nation in Czech still sleeping when Douglas having a set.
    IM still listening and having fun ..rgrds with lots of love Gabriela your listener

  2. Thank you for fresh morning! You told and played something from project Scube (Sweden)? I cannot find them, plaese, be so kind and tell me where I can find more. Thank you.

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