I’ll be on the air on Radio 1 (91.9 FM here in Kafkaville) tomorrow, Saturday 11 November, from 6 to 9am, playing my signature mixture of slinky bossas, mellowed out nu-jazz, sophisticatedly deep house and other gems.

The time slot I have is a unique one; it’s either very late or very early, depending on how your day is going. What is oddest is that the trajectory of the set is almost the exact opposite of what you have in a club gig, where it starts mellow and works up to the big climax and into bliss.

My morning sets on Radio 1 start off assuming that you’re winding down from your big night out, and then they get progressively more mellow as it goes on, so that by the end of the set it’s the kind of music you like to hear when enjoying the first cup of coffee or tea of the day.

Anyway, tune in if you get a chance.