3 thoughts on “BBC News website article on Campcaster

  1. The misspelling is gross! And I used to think BBC is serious…

    How did it all start? I mean how did the Media Development Loan Fund started developing this kind of software? And why just in Prague? I’m just wondering.

  2. Well done, Doug! Very gratifying after a lot of work. But it is really too bad about the spelling of your name – really gross!

  3. Johanka, we got into this line of work after having to handle multiple requests for funding. The amounts were always high and what they were buying was always the same – software licenses. So we saw an opportunity to cut costs, while at the same time making some use of the community aspect of open source.

    As for why in Prague, that’s where we we had our beginnings in the early-to-mid 1990s. It’s worked out well geographically as well as in terms of quality – zlaté české ručičky and all that 🙂

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