An old friend just wrote asking for my advice on a place to stay in Prague. So immediately I asked a friend who does some travel writing, and we put this list together.

I figured that the advice might be appreciated by others, so, here goes.

In terms of a reasonable hotel, prices have caught up with the West pretty quickly. At work we put our VIP guests at the Maximilian Hotel, which is really nice, close to the old town square, but is a bit more expensive at around EUR 130/night. We also put guests at the Clarion, which is also really well-situated, and is cheaper starting at around CZK 2200/night.

You can also try the Jalta, which is right on Wenceslas Square. It used to be a nazzty old Commie hotel, but it’s since been renovated; they’ll even give you a room with a balcony overlooking Wenceslas Square if you ask. The rooms are nicely redesigned, but small. The prices are also around EUR 109/night.

Another super-nice place to stay would be the gorgeous Hotel Pariz, which is across the street from the Obecni dum. Real nice, and you can get a room for around EUR 140/night.

Some friends I know put their guests up at Dum velké boty (the ‘House at the Big Boot’) in Mala Strana, which looks really nice too, and is a small bed and breakfast.

And you can also try the Cloister Inn, which is cheaper at EUR 98, and also well-located in the Old Town.

Personally, I’d say if you’ve got the cash, stay at the Maximilian.