One on one

A couple of weeks ago, in an interview with Valleywag, the supposedly-successful Jason Calacanis, founder of Weblogs, Inc., made one of his typically smartass remarks about a good friend of mine, Henry Copeland of blogads:

Q. So, poor Henry Copeland [of Blogads]. You’re finally coming after him.

A. That’s like Michael Jordan going after a 12-year old in a game of 1-on-1.

Even if Henry wasn’t a good a good friend of mine, that remark still would have come across as snide and stupid.

Now, finally, Henry finally calls Calacanis out:

Now Jason has departed AOL and is entrepreneur in residence at Sequoia Capital. Should I be wary of Jason? Absolutely. He’s had five years to study our business and has a excellent track record of “borrowing” good ideas/people, whether from Gawker or Digg. He’s sitting in the offices of a VC who backed Yahoo, Apple and Youtube. Even a midget can jam the ball if he has a ten-foot ladder. So I won’t make predictions about the future.

But let’s talk about the key performance metric. Does Jason want to put his big money where his bigger mouth is? I’ll wager $10,000 that in 2006 Blogads earned more for bloggers than did WIN. After all, blogger earnings is the true measure of a blog business, right?

What kind of odds would Michael Jordan give a twelve-year-old in a game of 1-on-1? A million to 1? Maybe 10,000 to 1… with the MJ blindfolded and his shoes tied together?

Well, this twelve-year-old would be happy with 10 to 1 odds, Jason’s $100K to my $10K. If those odds make Jason queazy, I’d be happy to discuss something gentler.

I think somebody’s bubble just got popped.

One thought on “One on one

  1. well, it was just a joke after all!

    I’m sure Henry has made millions for bloggers, and I know when i was running Weblogs Inc. it paid out millions to bloggers a year… comparing a publisher to an ad network, however, is comparing apples to orchards.

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