Panorama blows up

I’m always thrilled when Czech stuff makes it on to Boing Boing. The latest item is the excellent media prank that took place yesterday, in which pranksters from zhotoven inserted footage of a nuclear blast explosion into the regular broadcast of Panorama, where they usually run usual live camera footage from ski areas and other points of interest.

I’m almost sure the hack happened at the cameras physical location. My theory is this: While the Panorama broadcast looks like webcams, I know for a fact that at least as late as 2001 they were analog, and I have no reason to believe they have changed to a digital transmission system. Getting a system in place with enough bandwidth to allow for full-screen broadcast-quality video from remote mountain locations would cost an awful lot of money.
The portal I used to run in the Czech Republic wanted to do a deal with Panorama’s producers to run live content from the Panorama cameras all day, but we were floored to find out that the system is analog, and has to run from 8 to 8:30 am because that is the only time when Ceské Radiokomunikace (the company with a virtual monopoly on radio/tv transmissions in the Czech Republic) has enough analog bandwidth to enable the transmissions. Needless to say we didn’t do a deal.

I only wish the media pranksters at Zhotoven would do something about the gawdawful music Panorama plays to accompany the strangely hypnotic pictures. I am deeply convinced that it Panorama’s music is what they play in the seventh circle of hell.

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