Commie Lord of the Rings: It really is a hoax

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find that I had a new comment. Not just any comment, mind you, but one that related to this post from four years ago, about a supposed review in Rudé Právo from 1977 of Lord of the Rings from a hardline Communist perspective. Blogger (and regular commenter to my blog)Jan VanÄ›k Jr. writes today to say that the review was a hoax. Here’s what Jan VanÄ›k wrote in his comment:

Better late than never: yes, it’s a hoax (or an example of memetic idiocy). It was translated from Polish (soon losing attribution to their Communist daily from 1971) in spring 2002; see the history in comments here. And in Polish, it is possible to find six spoof reviews of LOTR from various viewpoints, this being the most extreme.

While at the time I wrote that the review may or may not be a hoax, it’s good to get this cleared up. And it’s definitely good to get things moving again on this blog.

One thought on “Commie Lord of the Rings: It really is a hoax

  1. Just figured you were busy making a living — looking forward to seeing some more news of Prague and the ‘business’. Blog on!

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