This week’s show was all about grooooove, with standout tracks from the most excellent new Fania remix album, “I Like It Like That.” I think we may have a strong candidate for track of the summer in the Louie Vega remix of Hector Lavoe’s “Mi Gente” – it’s a smart remix that really shows how much Vega understands the original, and salsa in general. He ought to, considering he’s Hector Lavoe’s nephew, a fact I didn’t know until this week.

The other excellent new album this week was “Guaranteed Niceness” from the Sonar Kollektiv Orchester. It’s a jazz orchestra’s take on some of the Berlin label Sonar Kollektiv’s singles, most of which were originally constructed from samples. But it still swings, and the band is _tight_.

The entire setlist is in a Google spreadsheet here. This time I added a column for links to YouTube videos, so check ’em out.