Setlist, 13 December 2008

This week I had the good luck of finding two outstanding music sites, the Sir Shambling site and Loronix. Sir Shambling is a British record collector who has an astounding collection of soul music, where Loronix specializes in out-of-print Brazilian rarities. Both have lots of music linked from the site.

This week’s standout new track was probably “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling,” by the Lebron Brothers, which of course covers the Righteous Brothers (my dad was in a car club in LA with one of the Righteous Brothers, but that’s another story). The cover is one of those where you’re not sure if it’s brilliant or gawdawful. Either way, it stands out. It came as part of a larger boogaloo and soul set in the third hour.

I first heard Brazilian singer Claudia’s single “Deixa eu Dizer” on the Blue Note compilation “Blue Brazil 3,” but Loronix has the entire album, which is outstanding. Claudia also appears on the Nicola Conte compilation “Viagem” on Blue Note. I played two by Claudia, “Agora quem Ri Sou Eu” from “Deixa eu Dizer” and “Gusto Deser Como Sou” from Viagem.

By the way, Nicola Conte is coming to the Palac Akropolis on 29 January 2009. I’m really looking forward to that.

Naked Music’s “Re-creation” was pretty good too. That came out in July, but I’ve only now gotten hold of it.

Here is the link to this week’s setlist via Google Docs.

I sure do wish we could put these shows out as podcasts, but so far the Radio 1 management has resisted the idea. Maybe someday. Ach jo…

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