Radio 1 is celebrating its 18th birthday as an official radio station, and they came up with an interesting way to mark the occasion: For 18 days, we’re playing only songs from an individual year. My set therefore comes only from 2001, and it was a lot of fun to put together.

Some of the music from that period have aged remarkably well, such as Gotan Project and Koop. And if anything, Matthew Herbert’s “Bodily Functions” sounds better now than it did then.

An overview of the year 2001 would be incomplete without a mention of September 11, so the song I chose for that was the one that still gives me chills: Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song.” Even if it isn’t directly about 9/11, the sound for me most definitely evokes that terrible day.

The setlist was a joy to put together, and you can see it in Google Spreadsheets format here.

What would you have included in a 2001 playlist? Put your suggestions in the comments.