Setlist, 28 November 2009

Regular listeners have probably figured out that the tone of show in recent months has moved away from strictly latin and downtempo. This isn’t because of any change in my tastes, but rather because of all the new music that’s coming from all corners of the world that doesn’t exactly fit narrowly-defined boundaries.

Take for example the Rio de Janeiro-based producer duo The Twelves. While they’re most certainly Brazilian, their remixes aren’t exactly what you’d think of when you think of Brazilian music – and that’s a very good thing. I’m a big fan of The Twelves, and this week I played two of their more recent tracks, the excellent remix of Fever Ray’s “Seven” and their remix of Israeli electro group Terry Poison’s “Comme Ci Comme Ca.”

Another example of this border-hopping and genre-bending is the Japanese pop group Cubismo Grafico, who play a rather fetching mix of pop and bossa nova.

Another of the themes this week was girl groups, and the new single by Swedish singer Lykke Li, a cover of the Shirelle’s “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,” is stunning. You can download it here from her website. The video is also amazing.

Anyway, as usual, the entire setlist is here as a Google Documents spreadsheet.

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