Setlist, 23 January 2009

This week I had a special guest in the studio – my daughter Joey. She helped me put together this week’s setlist, especially a special setlist of children’s music that isn’t completely painful to listen to. There are quite a few good compilations of children’s music, especially the “Playground” series by Putumayo Records. There are quite a few of these now in various genres – African Playground, Latin Playground, etc.

It was really fun having Joey in the studio, and judging from the warm reaction from listeners, they enjoyed it too.

The entire setlist is here as a Google spreadsheet.

2 thoughts on “Setlist, 23 January 2009

  1. I really enjoyed it. Great Celia Cruz, Great Playgronud series!!!!

    Thanks a lot! I have heard you and your daughter (it is 9.39 a.m.) for the first time on Radio 1, and I must say your playlist was the best ever heard on Radio 1. That´s exactly my cup of coffee.

    Take care!


  2. Hi Douglas!
    I came home on Saturday at cca 6 am from the bar, and because of my sleeping disorder, rolled a joint and listened to the R1. Oh my God it was just awesome! I love it soo much, your daughter was so funny, I was just falin´asleep and waking up and there was alway good music on da radio! Thank you soo much for beautiful Saturday morning 🙂

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