New Mixes! Gloss and Matte

As we come up to the holiday break, I figured I’d bust out an early present: A new double “mixtape” of sorts, with both video and audio. One side, “Gloss” tends toward BPM, whereas the other side, “Matte” tends toward MPB 🙂

The mixes were made for the very cool site “Proti šedi,” which features various DJ mixes in addition to lots of cool reporting about fashion, travel and other neat things. They put their mixes here.

I was able to use the very cool tool called Dragontape to make the video version of the mixes. Dragontape lets you drag and drop various YouTube videos to make your own “mixtape.”

The video mix of “Gloss” is here.

The video mix of “Matte” is here.

My next Radio 1 show will be on Christmas Day, 25 December, or the feast of St. Stephen. In keeping with the spirit of the day, it’ll be all Christmas music that doesn’t suck.

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