This week was a real bonanza for new music. Not only did I get my hands on new material from Prommer and Barck, but I got hold of a few choice compilations, including “Seven Heven – Perfect Little Slices Of Soul, Funk And Funky,” and Gilles Peterson’s “Brownswood Bubblers 4.”

But by far the coolest thing I got hold of this week came from Yvonne Sanchez: A live recording of “Once I Loved.” She’s playing here in Prague on 13-14 July at the Jazz Dock, so definitely go check that out.

I don’t have a video for “Once I Loved,” but here’s a clip of “Roses” live:

Here’s the entire setlist, as always, as a Google Spreadsheet. Now you can also write your own comments in the setlist too, btw. 🙂