Setlist, 17 March 2012

This week’s show had some excellent new music, including Nite Jewel’s “One Second of Love,” the new release from Batida and the new project Cibelle is involved in, A.B.R.A. na Pre Ca. Most of the clips are up as a video mixtape on Dragontape here:!/4742159 The entire setlist is here as a Google spreadsheet:Continue reading “Setlist, 17 March 2012”

Setlist, 22 October 2011

This week we had our annual Sourcecamp developers’ and users’ summit, as well as Mediafabric, a one-day conference focusing on the future of journalism. We had people from literally all over the planet, and that global reach had an influence on this week’s setlist, which pulled from a lot of places and styles. This week’sContinue reading “Setlist, 22 October 2011”

Setlist, 24 September 2011

Like a lot of people worldwide, I spent this morning tracking the fall of NASA’s UARS satellite, and started off my set with a classic track from XTC, “Another Satellite.” I had a lot of new music this week, including Gui Boratto’s III, and the track “The Third.” I also liked Frank Ocean’s new track,Continue reading “Setlist, 24 September 2011”

Setlist, 28 August 2011

This week I managed to get a lot of new great music, much of it available on Soundcloud, including this new track by Holy Ghost! featuring Michael McDonald (yeah, he of the Doobie Brothers): Poolside’s really nice cover of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon:” Little Dragon’s title track from their new album, “Ritual Union:” Here’s LittleContinue reading “Setlist, 28 August 2011”

Setlist, 13 August 2011

This week’s show had a lot of new music at the beginning and the end, including the excellent new compilation on Brownswood, “Brownswood Electric 2” and one of the tracks I played this week is by the 19-year-old wunderkind Frederic Robinson, “Mood Swings:” In addition, there was the absolutely smashing “Cursis Melodias” by Natalia Lafourcade,Continue reading “Setlist, 13 August 2011”

Radio 1 Setlist, 25 June 2011

I love this time of year, not only because the days are so long, but also because so much new music comes out. This week’s show had quite a few new tracks, including material from the excellent new compilation “Americana: Rock Your Soul Blue Eyed Soul & Sounds From The Land Of The Free.” AlsoContinue reading “Radio 1 Setlist, 25 June 2011”