iDnes: Czechs in the running for Iraq reconstruction

iDnes reports that contracts for the reconstruction of Iraq could not only go to Czech companies working as subcontractors of US firms, but also for British firms facing high domestic production costs. “It is for this reason that British firms are increasingly forced to seek subcontractors in countries with lower production costs, including the CzechContinue reading “iDnes: Czechs in the running for Iraq reconstruction”

Pith helmets vs. coonskin caps

Over at the Pragueblog, Steve Hercher points out the differences between the expats who live in their own bubble and those who put down roots. My good friend Joel Brand once described this difference in terms of hats: pith helmets vs. coonskin caps. The ‘pith helmets’ demand tea at four, have strawberries and cream inContinue reading “Pith helmets vs. coonskin caps”

Gumarny: Kuwait knew we were sending older gas masks

PRAGUE/KUWAIT 25. March (ČTK) – The Kuwaitis knew that Gumárny Zubří was sending lower-quality CM-4 masks instead of the CM-6 masks they ordered. According to Jindřicha Vaculína, Gumárny’s assistant director, the shipment could not have come as a surprise – the Kuwaitis chose the CM-4 as a replacement based on samples they sent. “We signedContinue reading “Gumarny: Kuwait knew we were sending older gas masks”

MF Dnes: Czechs Sent Defective Gas Masks to Kuwait

MF Dnes, 25 Mar 03, Page 1: Prague – The Czech Republic sent Kuwait – as assistance to its threatened population – 5,000 completely unusable gas masks. DuÅ¡an Lupuljev, Commander of the Czech-Slovak anti-chemical battalion said one sentence about the shipment: “I would forbid soldiers to use these.” The supplier, Gumárny Zubří, borrowed the masksContinue reading “MF Dnes: Czechs Sent Defective Gas Masks to Kuwait”