ČTK: Iraqi Chargez d’Affaires Expelled

PRAGUE, 24 March (ČTK) – The Czech Foreign Ministry has expelled the leading Iraqi diplomat in Prague. “The Czech Republic considers him ‘undesirable’ and has called for him to leave the CR within 48 hours,” said spokesman Vít Kolář. Chargé d’affaires Málik Muhammad Aní is now the fifth Iraqi diplomat who must leave the CzechContinue reading “ČTK: Iraqi Chargez d’Affaires Expelled”

He’s Tan, Rested and Ready

Interesting proposal from Jim Henleyabout who should be in charge of postwar reconstruction in Iraq: Vaclav Havel. “And there’s your transitional administration: the best liberal politicians and government officials from Eastern Europe. They understand, in the transition from tyranny to freedom, what has to be tossed out, who has to be held to account andContinue reading “He’s Tan, Rested and Ready”

ČTK: Czech chemical batallion comes under rocket attack

KUVAJT/PRAHA 21. března (ČTK) – Czech and Slovak chemists in Kuwait were the target of a repeated rocket attack; all shots were liquidated by anti-airborne defenses and the soldiers are all right. Journalists were notified today by telephone from Kuwait by DuÅ¡an Lupuljev, the commander of the First Czech-Slovak Antichemical Battalion. Since the beginning ofContinue reading “ČTK: Czech chemical batallion comes under rocket attack”

ČTK: Czech chemical unit won’t go to front lines

PRAGUE 20 March (ČTK) – Czech military chemists will not go to the front lines during a war. For commanders, they are too precious, said Defense Minister Jaroslav Tvrdik during a press conference at a meeting of the [Czech] security council today. He added that all of the approximately 400 Czech and Slovak soldiers whoContinue reading “ČTK: Czech chemical unit won’t go to front lines”

FS Final Word: Czech Troops Stand By

From today’s FS Final Word: “The US-led ‘disarmament’ of Iraq began this morning, but Czech anti-chemical forces aren’t taking part. They’ll only get involved if there’s the use or the threat of the use of of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The New York Times said the US will send in mobile labs as soonContinue reading “FS Final Word: Czech Troops Stand By”

MF Dnes: Czechs Support US, But Very Carefully

(From today’s MF Dnes. Please excuse the rough translation. – douglas) The Czech Republic is on the Americans’ side. Even if the Czech government has not directly said that it supports the US in its war against Iraq, it understands the attack against it. “It is regrettable that this step was not taken with aContinue reading “MF Dnes: Czechs Support US, But Very Carefully”