Ron in Kuwait

I was just checking out Radio Free Europe’s website, and saw that my friend Ron Synovitz is one of the 400 “embedded” reporters on the Iraq-Kuwait border. He’s with the 3rd Infantry, and if you check out the RFE/RL website ( you’ll see his articles. ( This is all getting pretty weird. The other thingContinue reading “Ron in Kuwait”

Vote of No Confidence

Tomorrow afternoon (1400 CET/1300 GMT) the Czech parliament will vote on a no-confidence measure proposed by Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla. The vote should be close, with both the Civic Democrats and Communists openly saying they will vote against the somewhat shaky coalition. Considering that Klaus won by a pretty slim majority last week, party unityContinue reading “Vote of No Confidence”

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Rich

Vaclav Klaus gave his first televised address to the Czechs as their president tonight, and while he didn’t say much in his 10 minutes, one point was interesting: he said that people shouldn’t be angry at their fellow citizens who have become wealthy since the revolution. But corruption is still rampant, and when people becomeContinue reading “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Rich”