Pohanka: I will request police protection

Sabina Slonková has another scoop today, and a pretty big one. First, a bit of backstory: The Czech parliament is in deadlock, with both leftist and right-of-center coalitions even with 100 votes each. But yesterday one MP, Michal Pohanka, decided to leave the Social Democrats, which leave them one vote short of 50 %. TheContinue reading “Pohanka: I will request police protection”

In Amsterdam

Even though I’m far from over my jet lag, I’m in beautiful Amsterdam this week for meetings related to our LiveSupport software for radio stations. “What is LiveSupport?” you may ask. Well, it’s software that my colleagues and I have created that lets you create an entire radio station from within your PC. All youContinue reading “In Amsterdam”

Paroubek proposes opposition for ÄŒSSD, recognizes ODS win

The day’s news started out odd and seems to be getting odder. After counting all parliamentary mandates total deadlock has emerged, in both leftist and rightist coalitions have 100 votes each of 200. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the offices of any of the political party leaders… Then again, after theContinue reading “Paroubek proposes opposition for ÄŒSSD, recognizes ODS win”

Who will form the next Czech government?

Czech Prime Minister Paroubek’s comments at his press conference point out a fundamental truth; there seems to be some difference between the exit polls and the actual vote. In short, it may turn out that the Social Democrats and the Communists together will have 101 votes – a one-vote majority – in parliament. Aktualne.cz writesContinue reading “Who will form the next Czech government?”

Election results – ODS wins, Paroubek doesn’t recognize election results

I arrived back in Prague from San Francisco this afternoon right as the first exit polls were released, showing that ODS was going to win the Czech general election. The official results aren’t in yet, but it looks like this is the end of the Social Democrats’ reign. According to aktualne.cz, the preliminary results areContinue reading “Election results – ODS wins, Paroubek doesn’t recognize election results”

It’s legal to relaunch

For a few weeks now, there have been odd purple posters put up all over town with slogans like “It’s legal to die,” “It’s legal to vote,” or my personal favorite, “It’s legal to be a loser.” On one over near Letna, someone wrote, “yeah, but it isn’t very nice.” But it turns out thatContinue reading “It’s legal to relaunch”