Garton Ash: Iraq could learn from Eastern Europe

Radio Free Europe’s Mark Baker interviewed Timothy Garton Ash on regime change, and whether Eastern Europe could be an example. Ash thinks that top leaders should be tried abroad, but that a process of “lustrace” such as that in the Czech Republic should be enough. Under “lustrace” former Communist Party members are banned from holdingContinue reading “Garton Ash: Iraq could learn from Eastern Europe”

FS Final Word: Regime Change in CR, Iraq

Today’s FS Final word draws an excellent parallel between the “regime change” in Iraq and that of former Czechoslovakia: Today, thirteen years after the “regime change in the CR, almost all the old leaders are walking the streets, and some Czechs still argue that the same people are controlling the ministries, courts, schools and media.Continue reading “FS Final Word: Regime Change in CR, Iraq”

MF Dnes: Czechs Sent Defective Gas Masks to Kuwait

MF Dnes, 25 Mar 03, Page 1: Prague – The Czech Republic sent Kuwait – as assistance to its threatened population – 5,000 completely unusable gas masks. DuÅ¡an Lupuljev, Commander of the Czech-Slovak anti-chemical battalion said one sentence about the shipment: “I would forbid soldiers to use these.” The supplier, Gumárny Zubří, borrowed the masksContinue reading “MF Dnes: Czechs Sent Defective Gas Masks to Kuwait”