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European Commissioner and former Czech Prime Minister Vladimír Špidla has a blog.

I’m now taking bets on how long it will take him to start publishing reports on his mood, what he’s listening to, what his superhero would look like, links to personality quizzes…. the list can go on forever.

And his friends can post funny comments, too: “OMFGROTFL! – José Manuel” “Whatever it was, it wasn’t me – Standa” and “Hey, see you at lunch in the cafeteria! – Margot”

Does this mean he’s going to be obsessively hitting sites like EgoSurf too?

I need to update my blogroll, so if I don’t have yours in there, let me know.

Gridskipper’s been doing a pretty good job of covering quite a bit of Prague material as of late. I wonder who’s been feeding it?

Close readers of this blog will notice the new BlogAd running to support Radio 68H’s efforts in Aceh. If you have a blog, are running BlogAds and would like to help, here’s how: Send me your offer code and I’ll add 68H’s BlogAd there.

If you’re a blogger and are not running BlogAds, this is a good time to start. My good friend Henry Copeland and his crew have a really easy system for handling advertising of all sorts. Go check ’em out at

So far, I’ve managed to sign up Ken Layne, Matt Welch, and Amy Langfield for the Aceh ads. It really is a worthy cause.

With the holidays upon us with full force, I’d like to direct your full attention to the Tulip Cafe’s toy drive/party this Friday night. Scott MacMillan has the details.

After a far-too-long hiatus probably caused by either a) insane work schedules b) insane gaming schedules c) insane movies-and-fine-dining schedules, I’m really happy to report that Bloopy is back in the saddle over at

Over at Steal This Idea, Theo has posted an interview he did with UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter. A full-blown must-read.

While the rest of us Prague bloggers have been slow to post lately – including me – or have moved on to greener pastures, An Alaskan Abroad has consistently come up with solid posts.

I’m adding him to my long-neglected blogroll.

I’d like to thank this blog’s latest sponsor, Cable-Safe, and would like to direct your attention to their cool-as-heck product.

My own desk is looks like somebody dumped a pot black spaghetti on it, and I’d be really interested a solution that would bring some order to the real-life desktop.

My friend Jirka sent me a link to this excellent Stanislav Gross billboard creator, where you can type whatever you want and have it appear on the billboard. Have at it, and send me your links in the comments!