Flood Watch IV: Mail from my dad

I just got mail from my dad. I wrote him asking if he thought 9,500 sandbags would be enough to protect the Spolana facility. This is his response. (Note: USACE=US Army Corps of Engineers, RDFW=Rapid Deployment Fortification Wall) : Hey Doug, On the average, filled sand bags weigh, an average of 30 pounds per bag.Sand weighs 110Continue reading “Flood Watch IV: Mail from my dad”

Flood watch I

We’ve had a long, abnormally snowy winter here, followed by a few days of above-freezing temperatures (yesterday was +20 celsius here!) and intermittent rain. All of which are contributing to a pretty rapid runoff. It’s raining pretty heavily right about now, with some areas of the Czech Republic already on third stage flood alert –Continue reading “Flood watch I”

Cimrman in the LA Times

Today’s LA Times has a pretty good article on Jara Cimrman that’s worth checking out. Even though I know the story well, and have been to a couple of Cimrman plays, I personally can’t get enough Cimrman, so sites like this one are always great to visit. My personal favorite Cimrman bit: Where Cimrman putsContinue reading “Cimrman in the LA Times”

Why Aren’t US Goods Cheaper Here?

I’ve had quite a few Czech friends tell me they were looking forward to buying an iPod, but couldn’t understand why, with the dollar as low as it is, the price is still so high here. Consider this difference. An iPod from this Czech online store costs CZK13,473, while from Amazon it costs $399. CZK13,473Continue reading “Why Aren’t US Goods Cheaper Here?”

Slovak Army to Clean Up Billion-SKK Calamity

From Sme.sk My heart goes out to anyone familiar with the beautiful High Tatras region of Slovakia, which was devastated by a massive windstorm over the weekend. While winds were strong across central Europe, Slovakia was the hardest-hit. This article is from today’s Novinky.cz, and the translation is mine: Slovak Army to Clean Up Billion-SKKContinue reading “Slovak Army to Clean Up Billion-SKK Calamity”