Pohanka: I will request police protection

Sabina Slonková has another scoop today, and a pretty big one. First, a bit of backstory: The Czech parliament is in deadlock, with both leftist and right-of-center coalitions even with 100 votes each. But yesterday one MP, Michal Pohanka, decided to leave the Social Democrats, which leave them one vote short of 50 %. TheContinue reading “Pohanka: I will request police protection”

The Doležel scandal: Was Kubice supposed to die?

Regular readers of this blog know I’m a big fan of the Czech investigative journalist Sabina Slonková of the website AktualnÄ›.cz. She herself was the target of a murder plot a few years back by the then-assistant to Foreign Minister Jan Kavan over her reporting on a corruption affair involving the Å tířín castle. Today’s articleContinue reading “The Doležel scandal: Was Kubice supposed to die?”

World Cup: Translating the Czech commentator Jaroslav Bosák

I wanted to start off by saying that Monday’s World Cup match between the US and the Czech Republic left me with a deep ambivalence that I’m just getting over. The kind of ambivalence you get when your worst enemy goes driving off a cliff in your new sportscar. In a way, I’m glad thatContinue reading “World Cup: Translating the Czech commentator Jaroslav Bosák”

It’s legal to relaunch

For a few weeks now, there have been odd purple posters put up all over town with slogans like “It’s legal to die,” “It’s legal to vote,” or my personal favorite, “It’s legal to be a loser.” On one over near Letna, someone wrote, “yeah, but it isn’t very nice.” But it turns out thatContinue reading “It’s legal to relaunch”

Flood Watch XV: Situation could worsen Wednesday and Thursday

ÄŒTK is reporting that the flood situation could worsen on Wednesday and Thursday due to predicted warming in mountain areas. This would worsen the flood situation, Interior Minister FrantiÅ¡ek Bublan said after today’s meeting of the Central Crisis Group. While today and Tuesday the forecast is for cloud cover and snow showers in the mountains,Continue reading “Flood Watch XV: Situation could worsen Wednesday and Thursday”

Flood Watch XIV: When will the Labe hit high water?

The Labe in Ústí nad Labem is at 870 cm and still rising slowly. It is expected to reach high water on Monday some time, but much will depend on the weather in Bohemia; showers are forecast for the next few days. At MÄ›lník (about 30km outside Prague if I recall correctly), the Labe isContinue reading “Flood Watch XIV: When will the Labe hit high water?”

Flood Watch XIII: Levee break in Olomouc

Part of Olomouc was flooded Saturday night when a levee broke in Horka nad Moravou. The levee has been partially repaired, but water is still flowing. There are about 820 residents of the flooded area, but most refused evacuation orders. The Chomoutov and ÄŒernovír districts were the most affected, with water flowing in the streets.Continue reading “Flood Watch XIII: Levee break in Olomouc”

Flood Watch XI: Reader question, Povodi Morava director fired

In the comments, reader Thayer asks: Please if possible in such short time to keep apprised- before sunrise Friday 30 March- how goes waters and flood stages for city of Prague? Leaving Salzburg tomorrow – should I get waders? Is city moving to higher ground? Sorry to respond to this late. Prague is expected toContinue reading “Flood Watch XI: Reader question, Povodi Morava director fired”