Flood Watch X: Situation stabilizes in some areas, worsens in others

This post refers extensively to the ongoing coverage at AktualnÄ›.cz. The time in parentheses refers to the time of the AktualnÄ›.cz post. The news today is mixed on the flood front; while river levels in southern Bohemia (with the exception of the Lužnice river) have stabilized and even declined in some areas, it has gottenContinue reading “Flood Watch X: Situation stabilizes in some areas, worsens in others”

Flood Watch IX: Situation in Prague stabilizes

This post relies on the constantly-updated flood news page at ActualnÄ›.cz. They have time stamps for each post, which is what you see in parentheses here. Some relatively good news this evening regarding the situation in Prague: The flood crisis staff has decided to stay at Stage 2 overnight after reviewing the weather forecast. FloodContinue reading “Flood Watch IX: Situation in Prague stabilizes”

Flood Watch VIII: Critical Vltava flow

AktualnÄ›.cz in one of its brief reports (the 16:11 item) says the Vltava is at a flow of 1,320 cubic meters per second, and people in charge say things will get critical when it gets above 1,500 cubic meters per second. Considering that there was a previous report that said the Vltava would hit culminationContinue reading “Flood Watch VIII: Critical Vltava flow”

Flood Watch VI: Spolana stops production

This is one that I’ve been waiting for: iDNES is reporting that Spolana has stopped production at its Neratovice facility. I’m pretty sure the Spolana facility is one of the biggest chemical plants in Central Europe, and in the 2002 floods it released tens of tons of chemicals into the Labe. Dioxin was among theContinue reading “Flood Watch VI: Spolana stops production”

Flood Watch V: 45 places where rivers threaten to overtop their banks

Sorry about the gap in posting. I’m having problems with my cable internet connection at home unrelated to the flood. ÄŒTK is reporting that there are now 45 places in the Czech Republic where rivers are threatening to overtop their banks. Most are situated on the Vltava and in Moravia. Waters are still rising inContinue reading “Flood Watch V: 45 places where rivers threaten to overtop their banks”

Flood Watch IV: Mail from my dad

I just got mail from my dad. I wrote him asking if he thought 9,500 sandbags would be enough to protect the Spolana facility. This is his response. (Note: USACE=US Army Corps of Engineers, RDFW=Rapid Deployment Fortification Wall) : Hey Doug, On the average, filled sand bags weigh, an average of 30 pounds per bag.Sand weighs 110Continue reading “Flood Watch IV: Mail from my dad”

Flood watch I

We’ve had a long, abnormally snowy winter here, followed by a few days of above-freezing temperatures (yesterday was +20 celsius here!) and intermittent rain. All of which are contributing to a pretty rapid runoff. It’s raining pretty heavily right about now, with some areas of the Czech Republic already on third stage flood alert –Continue reading “Flood watch I”