Matt Welch on Vaclav Havel and George Orwell

My good friend and fellow Prognosis alum Matt Welch has a good, long piece on Vaclav Havel in the new Reason magazine: Despite its 1.2 million residents, Prague is a surprisingly small town, where artists of all disciplines bounce off each other on the street or in the pub, and eventually on the newspaper pageContinue reading “Matt Welch on Vaclav Havel and George Orwell”

Miss-communication or Miss-take?

Over the weekend a new Miss Czech Republic was crowned. Before you yawn massively, remember that the Czechs, like the Venezuelans, actually give a damn about beauty contests. This year’s contest, however, was overshadowed by the fact that the Miss from two years ago, Diana Kobzanova, posed nekkid for LEO, a hardcore porn mag here.Continue reading “Miss-communication or Miss-take?”

BBC: Self-immolation hits Czech Republic

BBC: “A man has died after setting himself on fire in the sixth incident of its kind in the Czech Republic in little more than a month. Three of the six have died. The series of self-immolations began when a student killed himself in Prague’s Wenceslas Square – as the young student Jan Palach didContinue reading “BBC: Self-immolation hits Czech Republic”