Å pidla has a blog

European Commissioner and former Czech Prime Minister Vladimír Å pidla has a blog. I’m now taking bets on how long it will take him to start publishing reports on his mood, what he’s listening to, what his superhero would look like, links to personality quizzes…. the list can go on forever. And his friends can postContinue reading “Å pidla has a blog”

More on the BBC Czech Service closure

After reading Sam Beckwith’s comments, I decided to look into how exactly the BBC Czech Service closure would play out. BBC Czech Service Vít Kolář, who by the way is a really nice guy, had this to say on the BBC Czech website. I’ve excerpted and translated it below: The BBC Czech service has 12Continue reading “More on the BBC Czech Service closure”

God’s mills grinding in sync

One of my favorite Czech sayings goes something like ‘God’s mills grind exceedingly slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.’ And sometimes, they even grind in sync. Two of the biggest symbols of the Era of Purple Suits met their comeuppance today. The European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee voted unanimously to strip MEP Vladimír Železný ofContinue reading “God’s mills grinding in sync”

Opinion in Pravo: CzechTek divides public into two camps

This is from today’s Lidovky.cz. The translation is mine: Opinion in Pravo: CzechTek divides public into two camps The police action against participants of the CzechTek 2005 techno party has divided the Czech public into two large camps. An instant poll conducted for Pravo by the STEM agency shows that 50.3 % believe the policeContinue reading “Opinion in Pravo: CzechTek divides public into two camps”

CzechTek and its aftermath

I’ve been busy trying to get the final 1.0 release of our LiveSupport software out the door as of late, and in doing so have gained so much more respect for people who not only make good software, but make good software that’s easy to install. Because I’ve been knee-deep in the intricacies of DebianContinue reading “CzechTek and its aftermath”

Lidové noviny’s redesign

A couple of weeks ago, at the Anglo-American College roundtable on tabloids in the Czech Republic, along with Hospodářské noviny’s Jan Macháček and Blesk’s Helena Cejpová, much of the discussion was about the overall state of the Czech newspaper market. One question Macháček had was about the future of Lidové noviny, especially now that itContinue reading “Lidové noviny’s redesign”

MEP BÅ™ezina propagates an ‘urban legend’ on prostitution

The problem of prostitution in the Czech Republic is a serious one, and in Monday’s Pravo, Christian Democrat MEP Jan BÅ™ezina tried to argue the absurdity of legalizing prostitution (link goes to Google’s cache of the article, or click here for the article on the KDU-ÄŒSL website), or at least efforts to move it offContinue reading “MEP BÅ™ezina propagates an ‘urban legend’ on prostitution”