Ada Lovelace Day: Doc. Ing. Zdena Rábová, CSc. (1936 – 2006)

Today is Ada Lovelace Day (, which marks the contributions of women in technology. I was one of the thousands of bloggers worldwide to pledge to write something about women in tech, and I figured the best way to do this was to combine my interest in IT with my translation activities. The following textContinue reading “Ada Lovelace Day: Doc. Ing. Zdena Rábová, CSc. (1936 – 2006)”

A few selected videos from my recent playlists

About a month ago I got an email from a friend who said something to the essence of ‘I have no idea what the music you’re playing sounds like, but judging from the names it sounds pretty exotic.’ So following the lead of folks like Matt Welch, who’s been doing some wonderful video blogging forContinue reading “A few selected videos from my recent playlists”

ICE: In Case of Emergency

Over the weekend I got an email from my friend and colleague Sahr Gborie in Freetown, Sierra Leone. I’m taking the liberty of reprinting it here, as I think it’s a particularly strong idea, one that could potentially save lives. Here’s what Sahr wrote: We all carry our mobile phones with hundreds of names/ numbersContinue reading “ICE: In Case of Emergency”

BBC’s “Digital Planet” interviews me about Campcaster

I’ve just finished an interview with Gareth Mitchell of the BBC World Service program “Digital Planet” about Campcaster and its deployment in Sierra Leone. The interview also featured my friend and colleague in Freetown, Sahr Gborie, of the Sierra e-Riders. The interview will air in Prague on Tuesday, 9 January, on the BBC World ServiceContinue reading “BBC’s “Digital Planet” interviews me about Campcaster”

Campcaster installed in Freetown

The days in Freetown were hectic, filled with lots of work combined with lots of waiting in traffic to get from one side of town to the other. Traffic was pretty bad, with a strangely functional form of chaos governing things. In the traffic, people selling random stuff – tube socks, flashlights, bathroom fixtures, andContinue reading “Campcaster installed in Freetown”

“Freetown” and Freetown

You may have wondered what I’ve been up to lately and why, even for this blog, there has been such a prolonged radio silence. In fact, the cause of so much ‘dead air’ has been the work necessary to complete our latest software release, Campcaster 1.1 “Freetown.” We released “Freetown” this week, after a painstakingContinue reading ““Freetown” and Freetown”

The muscles from Brussels – not!

I’m headed to Brussels tomorrow to take part in the Euro Foo Camp event, which should be a blast. It’s my first time at such an event, so I really don’t know what to expect, but am ready for almost anything. I understand that at one of these Foo Camp events in California they tookContinue reading “The muscles from Brussels – not!”

A pen-and-paper post from the airport in Freetown

I got back into Dakar late last night, safe and sound, after waiting around the airport in Freetown because my plane was delayed for nearly 7 hours. I thought I would miss my connecting flight in Banjul, Gambia, but as it turns out, happily, there was an error in the computer system, and my flightContinue reading “A pen-and-paper post from the airport in Freetown”