Czechs cracking down on passports?

My mom was supposed to arrive in Prague today from California via London Heathrow, but was turned away at the gate by BA officials, who explained that her passport validity was not good enough for Czech officials. Her passport expires in October, but apparently in an effort at tit-for-tat over the continuation of visa requirementsContinue reading “Czechs cracking down on passports?”

CzechTek and its aftermath

I’ve been busy trying to get the final 1.0 release of our LiveSupport software out the door as of late, and in doing so have gained so much more respect for people who not only make good software, but make good software that’s easy to install. Because I’ve been knee-deep in the intricacies of DebianContinue reading “CzechTek and its aftermath”

What’s left and what’s right

I’ve been racking my brains these last couple of days trying to figure out what to post about. The rocket rise in popularity of Jiří “Joe Quimby” Paroubek? He’s now the most popular politician in the country, and inside of his first 100 days, you know. Feh. This one caught my eye. President Klaus isContinue reading “What’s left and what’s right”

The Prime Minister’s Uncle Franta, the plastic bag, and Rostislav Rod

Laurie Anderson had a wonderful line in ‘United States’: “Well, he couldn’t decide what to do with his life, so he decided to watch the government and scale that down to size.” I wonder what that would mean if we decided to watch the Czech government these days, especially the way the Stanislav Gross storyContinue reading “The Prime Minister’s Uncle Franta, the plastic bag, and Rostislav Rod”

Registered Partnerships Delayed Indefinitely

The Czech Parliament has decided to delay debate on registered partnerships for homosexuals indefinitely. The Christian Democrats, one of the smaller parties in the ruling coalition, probably was behind the move. This is stupid in so many ways. And sad. Because there won’t even be a debate, voters won’t be able to find out howContinue reading “Registered Partnerships Delayed Indefinitely”

MPs and Their Swinish Comments

Education Minister Petra Buzková is consistently one of the three most popular politicians in the country. A leading member of the governing Social Democrats, she has a reputation as being a no-nonsense leader. Every time I’ve seen her interviewed, she’s come across as being razor sharp. She recently had breast reduction surgery, and on herContinue reading “MPs and Their Swinish Comments”

Czech TV Calls MPs Bugs, MPs Threaten Sanctions

I’m inaugurating a new section here on the blog called “Ministry of Stupidity,” which I hope will be a repository for some of the shenanigans of Czech politicians. Today’s news comes from Czech MPs who are mad about being compared to bugs in a Czech TV report. The report compared MPs to termites, aggressive insectsContinue reading “Czech TV Calls MPs Bugs, MPs Threaten Sanctions”