Brno Police Catch 52-year-old Tagger

Mark this story up as being about someone who is definitely Old School. The translation from today’s is mine. Brno Police Catch 52-year-old Tagger Police on Brno’s Fleischnerova Street couldn’t believe their eyes when they caught a tagger in the act, but what was even more surprising was her age. She’s 52. “She’s definitelyContinue reading “Brno Police Catch 52-year-old Tagger”

Strange robberies, or robbers with bad luck

I’m going to take a cue from many Czech politicians, who would like you to direct your attention away from the completely strange case of the Prime Minister, his non-businesswoman wife and her business partner, who may or may not own a whorehouse, I’d like to point out a story from today’s The translationContinue reading “Strange robberies, or robbers with bad luck”


From the always-excellent Popbitch mailing list: Jumpin’ all over the world Wrinkly rockers are left hopping mad Pensioner rock band Status Quo is currently touring UK and Europe. Back in the Quo’s 80s prime, during a tour of Australia, the tour bus hit a kangaroo while in transit through the desert. Everyone piled out toContinue reading “Rock!”

Deep-fried Mars Bar a Reality

About this time last year, Bloopy told me about traveling through Scotland and coming across what he thought was one of the strangest foods ever: a Mars candy bar, battered and deep-fried. I was always skeptical about it, figuring it was the culinary equivalent of the Jackalope. But apparently it’s for real, as this articleContinue reading “Deep-fried Mars Bar a Reality”