Ada Lovelace Day: Doc. Ing. Zdena Rábová, CSc. (1936 – 2006)

Today is Ada Lovelace Day (, which marks the contributions of women in technology. I was one of the thousands of bloggers worldwide to pledge to write something about women in tech, and I figured the best way to do this was to combine my interest in IT with my translation activities. The following textContinue reading “Ada Lovelace Day: Doc. Ing. Zdena Rábová, CSc. (1936 – 2006)”

Ghanaian Information Minister: Ghana has a pivotal role in FOSS

Over at the Free Software and Open Source for Africa website, they’ve put up the opening remarks by Ghanaian Communications Minister Mike Ocquaye kicking off last week’s MediaFOSS event. The speech had me cheering, and it’s comments like this that give me great hope for the future of Free Software in Africa: “The seeds ofContinue reading “Ghanaian Information Minister: Ghana has a pivotal role in FOSS”

BBC’s “Digital Planet” interviews me about Campcaster

I’ve just finished an interview with Gareth Mitchell of the BBC World Service program “Digital Planet” about Campcaster and its deployment in Sierra Leone. The interview also featured my friend and colleague in Freetown, Sahr Gborie, of the Sierra e-Riders. The interview will air in Prague on Tuesday, 9 January, on the BBC World ServiceContinue reading “BBC’s “Digital Planet” interviews me about Campcaster”

“Freetown” and Freetown

You may have wondered what I’ve been up to lately and why, even for this blog, there has been such a prolonged radio silence. In fact, the cause of so much ‘dead air’ has been the work necessary to complete our latest software release, Campcaster 1.1 “Freetown.” We released “Freetown” this week, after a painstakingContinue reading ““Freetown” and Freetown”

A pen-and-paper post from the airport in Freetown

I got back into Dakar late last night, safe and sound, after waiting around the airport in Freetown because my plane was delayed for nearly 7 hours. I thought I would miss my connecting flight in Banjul, Gambia, but as it turns out, happily, there was an error in the computer system, and my flightContinue reading “A pen-and-paper post from the airport in Freetown”

Freetown in the rain

There’s a massive downpour going on outside my hotel room right now. In the US, this would merit wall-to-wall coverage from StormCenter Action 6 or whatever, but in Freetown, it’s simply taken as a part of the rainy season. To give an idea of how hard it’s coming down: the satellite reception is stalling becauseContinue reading “Freetown in the rain”

Monday in Freetown

After disembarking at Freetown’s airport, one of the first questions you’re asked is ‘Are you traveling by helicopter?’ And, if you’re like most foreign visitors, the answer is probably ‘yes.’ There’s a Soviet-era Mi-8 helicopter that ferries passengers between the airport, which is situated on the other side of a wide river bay, and Freetown’sContinue reading “Monday in Freetown”

Heading to West Africa

I’m about to head to the airport, where I’ll fly to Dakar via Paris tonight and then tomorrow to Freetown, Sierra Leone. I’m heading to Freetown to lead a training with local community radio representatives and their support team on the new version of our free and open source software for managing radio broadcasts, LiveSupportContinue reading “Heading to West Africa”